What To Expect From Your Ketamine Experience

What To Expect From Your Ketamine Experience

As they are known to rapidly treat chronic pain disorders, anxiety, treatment-resistant depression, OCD and PTSD, Ketamine infusions are gaining increasing popularity. Since it is a relatively new treatment method, many patients interested in it would like to know what it feels like and how to best prepare for the experience.

What does a ketamine infusion feel like?

Effects of ketamine directly depend on the dose that you receive and the length of the infusion process.
They vary from an increased awareness about the sensations in your body, positive feelings of gratitude and love, shrinking of ego, quieting of mind to reliving the experiences in your past from a different point of view.

Ketamine has long been used in different medical procedures and surgery as an anesthetic agent. Its dissociative property allows for sedation of patients, as it helps disconnect the body from the mind by disrupting glutamate actions. Glutamate is a brain chemical, a neurotransmitter.

When we use ketamine for non-anesthetic purposes, as a treatment method, the dosage is carefully adjusted to produce a novel experience for the patient. Dissociation and ketamine-induced state of consciousness are normal parts of this process. There are several types of experiences that patients can encounter: empathogenic experience, out-of-body experience and ego-dissolving experience.


  • Relaxation and comfort
  • Awareness of body
  • Compassion warmth and Empathy
  • Reduced defense-mechanisms
  • A dreamy state of mind with colorful visuals
  • Euphoria


  • Total disassociation from one’s body
  • Emotionally intense visions
  • Greatly diminished ego defenses
  • Vivid dreams
  • Visits to unknown states of consciousness
  • Re-experience of the birth process


  • Ecstatic feeling of the disappearance of self-limits
  • Complete dissociation of one’s body and the mind
  • Access to the collective consciousness
  • Feeling of unity with the universe
  • Sacredness

During ketamine infusion sessions, some patients can relieve emotions, memories or stories that may contain repressed or unprocessed feelings. It may be not something that a patient is actively seeking, depending on the reason for their ketamine infusion, but that release presents a unique opportunity to process these feelings and experiences from the past and work through them.

The effect of ketamine infusion is directly dependent on the dosage administered during the procedure.
During the first administration of ketamine, the initial dose is typically the lowest recommended amount for the patient’s weight. With lower doses it is less likely that the patient will experience OBE or EDT types of experiences.

If you are suffering from any treatment-resistant condition, a chronic pain or mental health issue, contact us for free consultation. We will examine your symptoms and determine if ketamine infusion is a viable treatment option for your particular case.

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