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Welcome to our psychiatric services!

Our focus is to guide you through your healing path and support you in embracing your inner strength and beauty. We provide a sacred space, where we listen to you and where we together plan your treatment.


We walk with you through your journey and hold the light while you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and reach your goals.



psychiatric care
Initial Evaluation for Psychiatric Care
Initial Evaluation for Psychiatric Care

During our initial meeting, we will collect information regarding your medical, psychiatric, personal & family history, prior treatments, concerns, and treatment goals. If we decide to work together, we will formulate a plan to help you reach your goals. You are welcome to participle alone or have a support person join you.
The duration of the initial evaluation is 60 to 90 minutes.


Follow-up appointments

During follow-up visits, we will evaluate your symptoms and response to treatment. We will make any treatment plan adjustments if needed.
The duration of the follow-up visit is usually 30 minutes, with an optional 60-minute appointment, if needed.

Medication Management

Medication therapy is sometimes a great option for symptom management. We will discuss the risks and benefits of medications and prescribe medication when benefits out way the risks.

To achieve the best outcomes, we recommend a more comprehensive approach, including but not limited to psychotherapy, nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, and others.


Getting to the root cause of your symptoms and teaching you the skills to help you manage your life can often be more beneficial. If medication therapy is a part of your treatment plan with us, we may encourage you to have psychotherapy. If you have your own therapist, we encourage you to continue your therapeutic relationship. If you are searching for a therapist, we can discuss the option of working with one of our therapists.

*We do not prescribe benzodiazepines.

We offer a variety of services based on each person’s needs:


Often a successful modality of treatment, psychotherapy can benefit you in many ways.

Therapy often:

• Helps people to better understand their symptoms

• Provides information about other treatment options

• Decreases or eliminates symptoms of anxiety and depression

• Equips an individual with useful coping skills

• Assists in setting boundaries

• Helps with new healthy habits….

& much more

Therapy can do so much for you, but first, you must be WILLING!

Are you ready to feel better? To dig deeper? Are you ready to heal?

If your answer is Yes, then psychotherapy may be right for you! And if the answer is “no”, just remember:

“A teacher is available when the student is ready.”

Group Therapy

Group Therapy has many benefits. You will support others and be supported, build self-esteem, share and learn, and most importantly you will have your tribe that many are missing!

We currently offer two group therapy options:

1. Symptoms management group (SMG) – for mood disorders, depression, and anxiety

Led by our LCPC, Nebojsa Zimonjic – “Zima”, the group meets in person once a week on Fridays.

2. Guided relaxation with music (GRM). Led by LCPC Marilyn Clark, this group meets once a week online.

Our groups consist of a maximum of 10 individuals. Proper mask use is appreciated for in-person therapy.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

KAP is an innovative psychological treatment approach to psychotherapy. While standard psychotherapy involves 1:1 work with a therapist, KAP involves the addition of the medication ketamine, which is administered in a safe and friendly setting with inner-directed, supportive psychotherapy and integration.


For some patients combining ketamine with psychotherapy can yield a greater benefit than ketamine treatments alone.
The combination of treatments may accelerate the process of growth and change. KAP may help to dissolve the usual ego defenses. Entrenched beliefs and ways of thinking and perceiving the self can be dissolved as the person experiences expanded states of consciousness. KAP can help to integrate this understanding and to create an opportunity to consider life from a new angle.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine Infusion Therapy is a great option for those who are treatment-resistant and have not been helped by medication, psychotherapy, or other treatment modalities.

A good candidate for Ketamine Infusion Therapy has been diagnosed and is under the care of a provider specializing in psychiatry, such as a psychiatrist or a psychiatric nurse practitioner, and has attempted other treatment options.


Ketamine infusion therapy is not often used as the first line of therapy.
Our staff are well trained and experienced with Ketamine administration.
We respect Ketamine as a treatment modality as it was our clinic’s first love. We have seen firsthand the changes it can bring in one’s life!

The success rate for KIT in those patients, who are treatment-resistant is greater than 70%!

We commonly treat:



Bipolar disorders




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