Positive Routines for Mental Health

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Positive Routines for Mental Health

At The Baltimore Ketamine clinic, we not only administer medical treatment but also give advice on how to better your mental health within daily life. One thing many depressed patients struggle with is the organization and execution of a focused routine. Routines can be healthy or unhealthy, which makes breaking or building habits a challenge. On average, a person requires around 2 months of dedication before a healthy habit becomes ingrained in the lifestyle. However, there are plenty of tricks to achieve these goals and declutter the mind for productivity.

Write It Down

Keep it simple, writing organized lists can be a fast and easy way to stay on track. Which makes this a great first habit to eventually achieve the rest. Lists can be organized by priority or category and the joy of crossing items off is satisfying, to say the least. No matter how big or small the goal may be, having it physically written down can lessen stress. Many studies have shown that even tasks that don’t get achieved are less stressful on a piece of paper. For work situations, try writing down what needs to be done the next day right before you leave. This clears your mind for the evening and gives a head start at the beginning of the next workday. 

Be Assertive

Many people who struggle with mental health issues have trouble getting the outcomes they want by staying quiet. It is important to know what you want and to make decisions, even if difficult, to reach those goals. For simplicities sake, speak up! Often times even the ones closest to you don’t know until you mention it. Being assertive is a struggle for some but recognizing when it’s needed is a useful trait. That being said, keep listening to those around you and let them be assertive in their own life. Learning is also a medicine. 

Self Care

You can make a list for anything and it doesn’t have to be work or family-related. Make a list for personal time. There are huge health and habit benefits of making sure you’re ready to tackle life’s issues. Exercise and a regular meal routine are two ways to be at your best while also sharing a meal or activity with people. People often get immersed in the lives of the ones they care about and can forget the person in the mirror. Well-being starts there and internal happiness will make the people around you grow as well. 

Contact Us

At Baltimore Ketamine we aim to provide the tools you need to fight anxiety and depression. If changes in routine aren’t making life easier, contact us online or give us a call at (410) 870-5482 to schedule a consultation. Ketamine therapy could be the positive solution you’ve been looking for. 

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