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Here you will find information about psychiatric services, ketamine treatment, the costs, and the process of becoming our patient. If you have any specific questions, please send us an email or call us @ 410-870-5482

As you probably know from all the media reports, other ketamine patients, or current research, our therapy has shown a great success rate in patients unresponsive to other treatments.

Ketamine infusion therapy is used to treat a number of conditions:

Pain conditions:
  2. migraines
  3. fibromyalgia
  4. Lyme’s disease
  5. phantom limb pain
  6. rheumatoid arthritis
  7. endometriosis
  8. pelvic congestion syndrome
  9. cancer pain
Mood conditions:
  1. depression
  2. anxiety
  3. OCD
  4. PTSD
  5. post-partum depression

We have two treatment protocols:

Becoming a patient:

Call our office with questions once you read this email and have a general understanding of our treatment and admission process.

In order for us to accept you as a patient, we require medical records from your primary care provider/pain management. If you are being treated by a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner, we require those records, too.

Please make sure you have a documented diagnosis of the condition (s) for which you are seeking treatment.

Medical records need to include the last visit note and any labs done within the last year.

Obtaining your records:

1. Arrange for your doctor’s office to fax your records to Baltimore Ketamine Clinic at 410-628-1212


2. Visit:
and fill out the form for each provider treating you.
*Make sure to provide a CORRECT fax number.

We will request your medical records on your behalf and attempt to reach out to your provider to discuss how we may best collaborate in your care.
Once we receive your medical records, we will call you to schedule your initial evaluation.


New patients evaluations for ketamine infusion therapy are done in person or via telehealth .
The evaluation lasts about 30-60 minutes. The objective of this evaluation is to make sure that it is safe for you to receive Ketamine. Following the evaluation, if you are cleared for our treatment, we will guide you in setting up treatments via our convenient online scheduling.

We have two treatment protocols:

Infusion Days:

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.


On your INFUSION days, we request that you have a ride home.


On your INFUSION days, we request that you have a ride home.



We do not accept insurance and we are unaware of what your policy may reimburse. We are happy to provide you with a superbill to self-submit to insurance AFTER your treatment.


Workman’s Comp

We currently work with Workman’s Comp and require pre-payment in order to schedule treatments.

Treatment Cost

Initial evaluation


Mood infusion (40 min)

$399 - each infusion The initial series consists of six infusions

Pain infusion (2h)

$699- each infusion The initial series consists of three to six infusions

Pain infusion (4h)

$1199 - each infusion The initial series consists of three to six infusions

Following the initial “loading” treatments, patients come back for a single “booster” infusion (sometimes more), every 3-12 weeks on average.

Billing codes you can use when you speak to your insurance company:

99204 Initial evaluation ($110)
96365 Ketamine infusion first hour ($399)
96366 Ketamine infusion additional time – cost varies based on infusion time.

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Please let us know if we can help you feel better again!

Best wishes from Baltimore Ketamine Clinic Team!

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