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Ketamine For Bipolar Disorder

About Bipolar Disorder

Also known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is a neurological condition that can affect both men and women equally, as well as any race or ethnicity. There are currently over 5 million people in the US alone that suffer from bipolar disorder. This condition is characterized by separate periods of intense mania and depression. Often these changes in mood can last hours, weeks or even months, making daily life a rollercoaster. 

Signs of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is an illness that has a spectrum of symptoms that make the diagnosis and treatment more difficult for physicians and patients alike. Not to mention, episodes vary greatly in severity and duration. Here are some symptoms linked to the peaks and valleys of manic and depressive states. 


Mania is characterized by behavior that is overly excited, which can often lead to obsessiveness and delusional tendencies. During this state people often feel invincible and can make brash decisions regarding life. Including snap judgments, impulse buying, increased energy and vocal volume, as well as inappropriate social behavior. People suffering from manic behavior often find themselves with regrets which later can move into the depressive stage.


The days following a manic episode can be an incredibly difficult time for bipolar patients. Falling from that mental high and dealing with the consequences of decisions is a mental 180. These depressive states can last over twice as long as the manic stages, It might be weeks of irritability, low energy levels, and persistent sadness. This loss of motivation can perpetuate itself into self-loathing and withdrawal from normal activities. 

Ketamine as a Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

While physicians continue to research this disorder, success rates of the past are still not where we need them. Ketamine therapy has been making waves in the mental healthcare world by taking a modern approach to mood disorders such as manic depression. These breakthroughs have been seen in studies across the globe with promising results. Results often note its rapid effectiveness, which is crucial in extreme cases, especially suicidal ideation. While there is no single cure Baltimore Ketamine is excited about the progress seen in bipolar patients at our clinic. 

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