Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

Ketamine Indications

Ketamine has been found to provide relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as acute and chronic pain. When prescribed at the right dose by a trained medical professional, ketamine is a safe and valuable medication. The use of ketamine in combination with psychotherapy (KAP) constitutes as an off-label treatment for depression.
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KAP is an innovative psychological treatment approach to psychotherapy. While standard psychotherapy involves 1:1 work with a therapist, KAP involves the addition of the medication ketamine, which is administered in a safe and friendly setting with inner-directed, supportive psychotherapy and integration. For some patients combining ketamine with psychotherapy can yield a greater benefit than ketamine treatments alone.

The combination of treatments may accelerate the process of growth and change. KAP may help to dissolve the usual ego defenses. Entrenched beliefs and ways of thinking and perceiving the self can be dissolved as the person experiences expanded states of consciousness.  KAP can help to integrate this understanding and to create an opportunity to consider life from a new angle.

Very often, individuals suffering from conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, childhood trauma, grief, and end of life stress respond to KAP. Not only does KAP allow an individual to process or integrate their ketamine experience, but it also may equip a person with tools to help navigate them through life with more courage and ease.

Ketamine is mostly known for its action on the NMDA receptor in the brain, leading to increased activity of a neurotransmitter called glutamate. Increased glutamate levels may enhance one’s mood, decrease anxiety or depression symptoms. Ketamine can decrease the inflammation of the nervous system, as well as stimulate the development of new nerve connections. Frequently reported benefits from our patients are elevated mood, decreased depression and anxiety, improved energy levels, improved coping mechanisms, and others.

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