Partially Covered By Insurance

Our services for mental health are covered or partially covered by insurance.

We are in network with BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, Tricare, United Healthcare, Medicare, and Medicaid
Initial psychiatric evaluation – billed to insurance

Ketamine IV starting at $300 per treatment (with insurance)

Ketamine lozenges (in house administration) starting at $150 per treatment (with insurance)

SPRAVATO® covered by insurance (cost, if any, varies by insurance plan)

The following services are NOT covered by insurance

Scrambler Therapy
$300 per treatment

NAD infusions
$400-$700 per treatment

Life Coaching
$150 per session

Slow Wave Chair
$20 for 15 minutes
$70 for one hour

On-Site Business Coaching
$1500 per day (clinical visit)

Distance Business Coaching
$300 per session (1 hour)

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