Hobbies to Improve Mental Health

Hobbies to Improve Mental Health

Mental health revolves around a large number of factors both simple and complex. Finding a hobby is a treatment that can easily be done on your own. There are endless options to not only keep your mind occupied but your body as well. Furthermore, participating in an activity or a project can be very satisfying. Enjoy with friends or take some time for yourself, just a few hours a week can give you a greater sense of purpose.

Arts and Crafts

This category is seemingly endless, including everything from painting, jewelry making, to woodwork and so much more. We’re finding that working with your hands can stimulate the brain to lessen stress and anxiety. In the end, you will have a piece of art to enjoy yourself or share with friends and family. 

Recreational Exercise

We all know exercise is key to a healthy body but the effects it has on the mind are equally as powerful. While not everyone enjoys going to the gym or jogging for miles, there are unique and adventurous ways to burn calories. Depending on the area, you might try hiking trails or bike through the park. These options also have the added benefit of getting outside and soaking up some vitamin D from the sun. Also, if a more structured plan suits you best, there are new workout trends and gyms popping up every year. Therefore, find something you enjoy and sticking with it will be a lot easier. 


This may be a subset of exercise but yoga is more popular than ever and for good reason. Not only do you get exercise but breathing techniques and meditation have been providing stress relief for centuries. If taking a class isn’t for you, look for online classes to follow and reap the benefits that yoga has to offer. 

Join a League

Have a few spare hours during the week? Consider joining a league. Enjoy classics like a bowling league or maybe something more niche such as a chess club. This will give your schedule more structure and help engage you socially as well. Meet some new people and build relationships around whatever league piques your interest. Many lifelong friendships have been built around group activities, put yourself out there and see who you might find. 


Whether it be indoor or outdoor, gardening is a great hobby with tangible results. It is also a nostalgic activity that gets you back to your roots of playing in the dirt. Researchers have found that there are specific microbes in the soil that can actually boost your mood.  When planting a vegetable garden you get to nurture and watch your plants grow. Eventually harvesting the fruits of your labor. It’s a great feeling to cook a meal from the food you worked for. 

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