Heal Your Life Workshops

“In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete”

— Louise Hay

Heal your life workshop support group

Heal-Your-Life Workshops

Join us for a 2-day transformational workshop “You can heal your life” in our office in Sparks, Maryland! During this program, you’ll be gently guided through a variety of exercises and experiences that will allow you to:

  • Eliminate self-limiting beliefs
  • Discover your inner power
  • Learn more about your family dynamics
  • Release what no longer serves you
  • Identify ways to re-set the mindset that could be holding you back
  • Practice using affirmations, mirror work, and visualization techniques
  • Utilize the art of appreciation
  •  And, set a plan into motion to manifest your desires!

Heal-Your-Life Support Group

Led by Ivana Mitic, CRNA & HYL certified workshop leader, HYL group is for all those who have completed “Heal Your Life” 2-day workshop or online study group. You can read more about Ivana HERE.

The group meets via zoom at this time due to pandemic.

If you are interested in attending our group therapy, please fill in the form below and choose ‘HYL Support Group‘ as a reason for contacting.

The cost per session is $20.

The powerful techniques presented are simple, effective, and easy to implement. You will remember this experience as long as you live!

You can also check out Ivana’s online workshops HERE.

Ivana is also available for destination workshops. Please call 410-584-3621 or fill in the form below for details.


Who was Louise Hay?

Louise Hay was a multi-national best-selling author, speaker, model, actress, activist, and businesswoman. Louise was referred to as “the closest thing to a living saint” by the media and by those whose lives she had touched and forever changed. While working in NYC as a model, she became aware that if you change your thoughts, you can change your life.

This led Louise to become one of the first people who spoke of the body-mind connection. Her first book: “You Can Heal Your Body” was published in 1976. Using her own methodology, Louise healed herself from cervical cancer. Following a move to California, Louise started her first weekly support group. It was famously known as the “Hayride” and included six men, who had been diagnosed with AIDS.


Due to the powerful changes that Louise was helping people to make, the group grew to 800 members over the next 3 years! She later wrote and published many books. The most popular are: “You Can Heal Your Life”. Louise used the teachings from this book to develop life-changing workshops. Today, the Hay House, Louise’s publishing company, still carries on her legacy and provides training for those who wish to teach Louise’s workshops. I attended the workshop leader training in Tampa, Florida in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, because I feel very passionate about spreading love and Louise’s work.


I believe that you can certainly change your thoughts and heal your life. You could always have more love in your life. You could be happier. You could be more successful. But first, you NEED to LOVE yourself more. At least you have to be willing….

Louise has made me a better person. She taught me to love and respect myself more. She taught me that the most important relationship I have is the one with myself and that when I am complete, I am a much better person for my family, my friends, and the whole world. I am honored to teach you the same…

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