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Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that has been around for a very long time. Group therapy involves a group of people working with a psychotherapist. Group therapy is available in many different settings, such as psychiatric practices, hospitals, mental health clinics, and many others. While psychotherapy can be used alone, it is usually a part of a more comprehensive treatment plan.

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Some of the benefits of the Group Therapy

Instills hope – group members are usually at different stages of the treatment process. Newer people can see others who have been helped and those who have come along the way can look at new members and realize their own progress.

Universality – individuals realize that they are not alone. Their problems or conditions are ultimately universal.

Imparting information – information sharing can benefit all individuals

Altruism – individuals who selflessly share with hope to help and support others can experience an increase in their self-esteem & confidence.

Catharsis – sharing one’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences can aid in pain relief, stress, or guilt.

The corrective recapitulation of the primary family group – within a group, members can share their experiences from childhood and learn from one another how those experiences have influenced their lives.

Development of socialization techniques – practicing new behaviors in a supportive setting without fear of failure can be such a freeing experience

Interpersonal learning

Group cohesiveness – united with a common goal, group members develop a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Existential factors – most importantly, while working with a group, members often realized that they are responsible for their own choices.

Group Therapy has many benefits. You will support others and be supported, build self-esteem, share and learn, and most importantly you will have your tribe that many are missing!


We currently offer three group therapy options:

BKC Group Therapy

We offer group therapy for individuals who have completed at least 3 sessions of Ketamine infusion therapy (with or without Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy). The sessions are led by our therapists who have extensive experience with psychedelics. You can read more about them HERE.
Due to pandemic, the groups meet via zoom.

Symptoms management group (SMG)

Symptoms management group (SMG) – for mood disorders, depression, and anxiety

Led by our LCPC, Nebojsa Zimonjic – “Zima”, the group meets in person once a week on Fridays.

Guided relaxation with music (GRM)

Led by LCPC Marilyn Clark, this group meets once a week online.

Our groups consist of a maximum of 10 individuals.
Proper mask use is appreciated for in-person therapy.

If you are interested in attending our group therapy, please click fill in the form below and choose ‘Group Therapy‘ as a reason for contacting.

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