A Lifestyle for Mental Health


Productive routines and activities are key to maintaining a healthy mindstate. By challenging your body and mind in different ways you activate many parts of the brain linked to mood. With over 40 million Americans suffering from a mental condition, it is important to focus on daily activities to create a healthy structure. There are […]

Meditation for Anxiety and Depression

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Meditation is no longer only practiced by ancient cultures or bohemians. The scientific health benefits have many doctors discovering how to take advantage of its medicinal properties. The earliest evidence of meditation being practiced dates back to stone carvings in India, these are estimated to have been created between 3500-5000BC. Undoubtedly people have long found […]

Positive Routines for Mental Health

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At The Baltimore Ketamine clinic, we not only administer medical treatment but also give advice on how to better your mental health within daily life. One thing many depressed patients struggle with is the organization and execution of a focused routine. Routines can be healthy or unhealthy, which makes breaking or building habits a challenge. […]

Hobbies to Improve Mental Health

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Mental health revolves around a large number of factors both simple and complex. Finding a hobby is a treatment that can easily be done on your own. There are endless options to not only keep your mind occupied but your body as well. Furthermore, participating in an activity or a project can be very satisfying. […]

Foods to Fight Depression

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If you’ve been struggling with depression history shows that a healthy body lends a healthy mind. While enjoying meals there are some focus areas to nutritionally fight depression. People will say “you are what you eat.” This sentiment rings true with mental health. If you are looking towards nutrition to increase your quality of life, […]