In Focus: Ketamine Infusion For Pain


If you happen to suffer from a chronic pain condition, know that you are not alone. Millions of American adults suffer from some type of numerous chronic pain conditions. Chronic pain dramatically affects the quality of life, as it makes it very difficult to perform basic tasks – to sleep, work, move, spend time with […]

Ketamine experience of Zoe Boyer published in the NY Times

Zoe ketamine sized

Ever since the efficiency of Ketamine in the treatment of depression (among other health conditions) proved to be more and more apparent, public interest for this treatment option and experiences of people, who were treated with it, are on a constant rise. One such example is the experience of Zoe Boyer, a writer who began […]

What To Expect From Your Ketamine Experience

What to expect from your ketamine experience

As they are known to rapidly treat chronic pain disorders, anxiety, treatment-resistant depression, OCD and PTSD, Ketamine infusions are gaining increasing popularity. Since it is a relatively new treatment method, many patients interested in it would like to know what it feels like and how to best prepare for the experience.

FSU researcher testing safety of low-dose ketamine to treat depression

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People who get no depression relief from Prozac-type medicines have found a fast-acting substitute in a drug called ketamine. But is it safe? The National Institutes of Health has awarded a Florida State University researcher nearly $2 million to investigate ketamine, which some have called a wonder drug.