Ketamine-Facilitated Psychotherapy for Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression

Ketamine-facilitated psychotherapy for trauma, anxiety, and depression

Ketamine is currently considered to be the only medicine from the group of psychedelic drugs that health providers can legally use for the treatment of patients suffering from mental illnesses. When it first started to be used in psychiatric treatments, it was solely for treatment resistant depression without a psychotherapeutic session, administered intravenously. In these […]

Ketamine for Treatment-Resistant Unipolar Depression

Ketamine for unipolar depression

Unipolar depressive disorder affects more than 16 million individuals in the US, while 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. It is considered as one of the leading sources of disability. To make matters worse, currently approved medications have no effect on one third of patients diagnosed with unipolar depression, while they typically take several […]

Anxiety and Depression During COVID-19

Black woman biting nails for stress

The world is seeing a pandemic that is sweeping the earth and having impacts on nearly all aspects of life. From genuine health concerns to economic issues, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is effecting everyone. Along with this, comes stresses from all directions, leaving many feeling chronically anxious about the physical and financial health of their lives. […]

Meditation for Anxiety and Depression

Meditation by the water

Meditation is no longer only practiced by ancient cultures or bohemians. The scientific health benefits have many doctors discovering how to take advantage of its medicinal properties. The earliest evidence of meditation being practiced dates back to stone carvings in India, these are estimated to have been created between 3500-5000BC. Undoubtedly people have long found […]

Ketamine Playing a Role in Seasonal Affective Disorder

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With winter in full swing one can often slip into a state of depression, this condition is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). A fitting acronym for the feeling brought on by a time of year that finds many people feeling down. While SAD is generally associated with darker months, it can affect people in […]