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Ketamine for Chronic pain management

Ketamine has been used for various purposes in medicine for about 60 years, with its primary role as an anesthetic during surgeries. Recent research o...

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Fibromyalgia treatment with Ketamine

Fibromyalgia is classified as a pain disorder, recognizable by its widespread, chronic musculoskeletal pain. It is distinguishable from other pain dis...

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Ketamine for Anxiety

It is estimated that roughly 12 % of US citizens today suffer from some form of social anxiety. To make matters worse, many of diagnosed patients do n...

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A Lifestyle for Mental Health

Productive routines and activities are key to maintaining a healthy mindstate. By challenging your body and mind in different ways you activate many p...

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Meditation for Anxiety and Depression

Meditation is no longer only practiced by ancient cultures or bohemians. The scientific health benefits have many doctors discovering how to take adva...