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We are a team of caring professionals who will provide personalized and comprehensive care, with the main goal of improving your quality of life

Ivana Mitic MSN, CRNA, Founder

Ivana Mitic, MSN, CRNA, received a master of science in anesthesiology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore in 2012. Prior to becoming a CRNA, Ivana obtained a bachelor of science in nursing from South Dakota State University in 2006.

Ivana has been board certified by the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists since 2013, and a proud member of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists since 2010.


While practicing nursing, Ivana cared for patients in all stages of life. Ivana’s main specialties were recovery room, emergency, and intensive care nursing. Since becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Ivana has anesthetized thousands of patients from our Baltimore community. After practicing at University of Maryland Medical Center and University of Maryland Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Institute, Ivana now provides care for patients at Sinai and Northwest hospital.


In the last five years, Ivana has gained extensive knowledge and experience with ketamine administration. Her vision is to bring the healing properties of Ketamine to people who suffer from mood and chronic pain disorders in a welcoming and relaxing environment.

Dr. Margaret M. Rajnic DNP, FNP-C, RN, Medical Director

Dr. Margaret Rajnic is a board-certified Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). She obtained a doctorate degree from Case Western Reserve University in 2015. Dr. Rajnic earned a master of science in nursing in 1998 and bachelor of science in nursing in 1990, both from Thomas Jefferson University.


For over 20 years, Dr. Rajnic has served in both private and public sectors of healthcare leadership. As a leader, she created and implemented multiple acute and outpatient care management programs for a number of hospital and ambulatory centers. In addition, Dr. Rajnic has 15 years of experience in behavioral health and extensive experience providing healthcare for acute, emergency, and trauma services.

Dr. Rajnic’s current practice encompasses a wellness continuum by providing medical weight loss, IV infusions, vitamin therapy, and alternatives to pain management, including Ketamine infusion therapy. Her approach with every patient is holistic and supportive.


Dr. Rajnic is a proud member of the American Association of Critical Care, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, the Patient Advocate Council, the Trauma Society, and the State Nurses’ Association.

John Rhead, Psychologist, PhD

John Rhead has degrees in psychology from Dartmouth (B.A.) and Stanford (Ph.D.) and is a licensed psychologist. He has a longstanding interest in approaches to psychotherapy that facilitate deep healing and transformation and can open up exploration of transcendent experiences.


John believes very strongly in the power of good psychotherapy to alleviate a wide range of the kinds of difficulties and suffering we all encounter from time to time. John believes that such positive outcomes are only possible when both the therapist and client(s) put their hearts into doing the work they came together to do.


John has joined our practice to provide Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and group therapy for our patients! You can learn more about John at johnrhead.com.

Marilyn Clark, LCPC, NCC, FAMI

Marilyn is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and practices Imagination Response Therapies (including The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery & Music, Hypnotherapy, and Guided Visualization). She has helped to guide research volunteers at Johns Hopkins during their psilocybin sessions.


Staying open to curiosity, wonder, and spirit-filled awe, Marilyn has “followed her bliss” in pursuit of deepening into authenticity for herself and others. For more information about Marilyn please visit marilynclarkintegrativepsychotherapist.com.


Marylin is avaliable for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and a group therapy for our patients!

Benjamin Leo, BS, NRP, FP-C, CCEMT-P

Ben is a Paramedic, Student, Farmer and Father. Ben currently serves roles both in neonatal/pediatric critical care medicine and prehospital 911 services. He has over 9 years experience in Emergency, Critical Care and Military Medicine.

In addition to his work as a paramedic, Ben spent time in a biotechnology firm and university research laboratory. His education includes a BS in Microbiology/Human Resources from the University of Maryland and countless hours of certification/professional training to ensure he stays on the edge of evidence-based practice.


Ben is passionate about mental health and believes it is our nation’s most underspoken crisis. He believes that every person deserves to be the best version of themselves through a holistic, individualized and value based care model.

His current research interests include: the management of mood disorders and PTSD via the use of Ketamine, non-opioid multimodal approaches to pain management, and rethinking America’s approach to chronic care. Ben is also a proud nursing student whose ultimate goal is to become a Mental Health and Family Nurse Practitioner in the rural setting.

Merry Fleishman

Often the first to help inquirers and welcome patients to Baltimore Ketamine Clinic, Merry has been an integral part of our practice since June of 2020.

A native of Baltimore, Merry initially enjoyed a long career in client relations for national and major accounts of Automatic Data Processing’s business services division before assuming a lead role in training its Chesapeake Region associates. Volunteering as an EMT/IVT & firefighter/rescue technician in Baltimore County as well as a therapeutic mentor at Villa Maria’s psychiatric residential treatment facility, created outlet for Merry’s desire to help those during their time of critical need. A mid-life career change led Merry to becoming an addictions counselor at a Methadone treatment facility.


This experience provided Merry the opportunity to learn from dual diagnosis patients and use eclectic methods to inspire and guide those juggling past trauma and major life challenges while they participated in treatment for recovery from chemical dependency. A graduate of Medix, she went on to broaden her abilities and knowledge in healthcare by closely assisting physicians and medical directors at St. Joseph Medical Center, Northwest Hospital and specialty medical practices, including Actify Neurotherapies, which was the Mid-Atlantic’s first and nation’s largest provider of IV Ketamine infusion therapy.

We are very fortunate to have Merry on our team!


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