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Baltimore Ketamine Clinic - Main Office

Baltimore Ketamine Clinic Headquarters

Baltimore Ketamine Clinic headquarters are located at 909 Ridgebrook Road, Unit 202
Sparks, MD 21152.

We serve Capital, Central and Western Regions of Maryland.

Our clinic in Baltimore, provides Ketamine treatments for a wide range of pain and mental health issues, NAD infusionsKetamine-assisted psychotherapyCalmare Scrambler therapyGroup therapiesPsychiatric Care and Heal Your Life Workshops.

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Baltimore Ketamine Clinic Headquarters Services

Psychiatric Care

Our focus is to guide you through your healing path and support you in embracing your inner strength and beauty. We provide a sacred space, where we listen to you and where we together plan your treatment. We walk with you through your journey and hold the light while you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and reach your goals.

Initial Evaluation for Psychiatric Care
During our initial meeting, we will collect information regarding your medical, psychiatric, personal & family history, prior treatments, concerns, and treatment goals. If we decide to work together, we will formulate a plan to help you reach your goals. You are welcome to participle alone or have a support person join you. The duration of the initial evaluation is 60 to 90 minutes.

Follow-up appointments
During follow-up visits, we will evaluate your symptoms and response to treatment. We will make any treatment plan adjustments if needed. The duration of the follow-up visit is usually 30 minutes, with an optional 60-minute appointment, if needed.

NAD Infusion Therapy

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) infusion therapy is a cellular regeneration treatment. NAD is present in all living cells and functions by promoting cellular growth through fueling metabolic reactions. NAD is natural and necessary for our bodies to breakdown carbs, fats and proteins to fuel the cells. Studies have shown NAD protecting brain health by repairing DNA, making it especially useful in neurodegeneration.

NAD Infusions help treat the following conditions:
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Lyme’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Alzheimer’s Disease

Ketamine Infusion for Mental Health

Ketamine is a well-researched, dissociative anesthetic that was approved by the FDA in 1970. The World Health Organization lists Ketamine as one of the most essential medications due to its therapeutic effects and wide margin of safety. Over the last decade, Yale University and the National Institutes of Health identified additional benefits of Ketamine in treatment of mood disorders and chronic pain. In Salisbury Ketamine Clinic we successfully treat the following mental conditions: Depression Ketamine has been found to relieve the symptoms of depression within hours, rather than the usual weeks most antidepressants can take. Postpartum Depression With postpartum depression, feelings of sadness and anxiety can be extreme and might interfere with a woman’s ability to care for herself or her family. Major Anxiety Ketamine has found success relieving the symptoms of anxiety and panic in those suffering from these conditions. PTSD Those suffering from PTSD after one or more traumatic events may find relief with Ketamine Infusion Treatment. OCD OCD is a mental health disorder that affects people of all ages and walks of life, and occurs when a person gets caught in a cycle of obsessions and compulsions.

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