Transform Your Mental Health with Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Enjoy rapid relief from depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and suicidal ideations.
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Take Control of Your Mental Health with Ketamine Treatment

Improve your mood, energy, and motivation
Experience hope, joy, and happiness
Feel peaceful, calm, and safe again
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Empowering the Journey towards Healing and Wellness

Suffering from anxiety, low mood, irritability, and lack of joy and energy makes you feel hopeless and helpless.

You deserve treatment options that are safe, rapid, highly effective and administered to you by individuals willing to support you on your healing journey.

We understand the feeling of hopelessness after so many treatments have failed you. We have administered over five thousand treatments over the last five years. We continue to do it, because our treatment offers over 70% success rate in treatment resistant individuals.

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Your Path To Healing Starts At Baltimore Ketamine Clinic
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Request A Consultation

Meet with our intake coordinator to learn more about our treatments. During the consultation we will determine if our treatment is right for you.

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Meet With Provider

Our provider will assess your symptoms, discuss your health history, and answer any additional questions you may have.

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Recieve Your Treatment

Enjoy the time dedicated just for you in our welcoming and safe environment, where you will be guided through your healing journey.

Transform To A Happy You

Unlocking the Potential of Ketamine Therapy for Improved Mental Health and Well-being

Have you tried traditional treatments without success? It’s time to consider ketamine therapy. With a growing body of research demonstrating its effectiveness, ketamine has been shown to offer rapid and lasting relief for patients who have not responded to other treatments. Don’t let your mental health struggles continue to control your life. Start enjoying the activities you once did with those you cherish the most and start creating the future you deserve.

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Mental Health

We specialize in interventional psychiatry and we offer rapid relief with ketamine and SPRAVATO® treatments.

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Chronic Pain

Calmare "Scrambler" therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free approach that has been used to treat a number of chronic pain conditions.

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Wellness / Life Coaching

Improve your physical health with our IV infusion therapy. Reach your personal or professional goals with coaching.

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Real People, Real Results

At Baltimore Ketamine Clinic we know that you want to feel yourself again. In order to do that, you need treatment that works. The problem is you’ve tried everything which makes you feel very discouraged. We believe that you deserve treatment that works. We understand how difficult it is when treatment after treatment fails you. In five years, we’ve administered over five thousand treatments with over 70% success rate to people just like you. Here’s how we do it: you participate in evaluation, complete your custom treatment, and finally enjoy the relief. So, request a consultation, so you can stop suffering and instead get the relief you deserve.

Improving The Quality of Life for Individuals Who Are Ready To Start Living Again

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